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Why choose BladeSec IA Services?

BladeSec IA Services.....

  1. Might be small, but this brings a huge amount of flexibility to ensure you get what you want. If you don't want to pay expenses, we'll give you an all inclusive rate. If you want to cap expenses so you know what you'll be paying, we'll happily arrange that too.
  2. Got into this to ensure that their customer services was the best possible. We'll never compromise on this - ever. We'll never try to make a fast buck from you, or sell you something that you don't need or will never use.
  3. Have a track record of clearly communicating with staff at all levels. Having a technical background allows us to speak geek to geeks and in business language to senior managers. Watch us....
  4. Are respected as an industry expert - look at our Certifications & Qualifications.
  5. Have very limited overheads - ask us for a competitive quote. We guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote for the services we provide.
  6. Are not stereotypical consultants who seem to be paid by the word, or engage in waffle using buzzwords that nobody seems to understand and doesn't have the balls to own-up to.
  7. Occasionally we don't wear suits. We've always maintained that it's about blending in. We call it "business camouflage"....
  8. Can operate to very odd hours or attend very odd locations - and sometimes at short notice. In 2012 "business camouflage" was a rather fetching "British Disruptive Pattern Material".
  9. When we say we'll do something, we will do it in the timescale we agree with you - if not, we'll give you a day's consultancy fee back.
  10. For some projects, we're happy to offer a money back guarantee on a successful outcome.
  11. Generally, we don't charge for travelling time.
  12. We are not stereotypical consultants. Many have built up an entire cottage industry just doing risk assessments - usually badly.
  13. Where possible, we will use travel and accommodation loyalty schemes to save our clients money.
  14. Will try to pre-plan all expenses to obtain the best discounts available. (We don't travel first class just because we think we should!)
  15. Are called BladeSec IA because Owen's son knew that Owen's favorite film is Blade Runner. And thanks to D for suggesting that our by-line should be, "Cutting through the BS"!