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Domestic Travel Advice

With thanks to our friends in the security and intelligence services that help us keep Domestic Travel Advice up to date, we are delighted to be able to make Issue 3 of the 2018 Edition available. Please download it from the link below.

Due to the nature of the text, the web edition of Domestic Travel Advice is supplied without any warranty or assertion of accuracy. Use it at your own risk.

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Please note: We don't track any usage of the public BladeSec IA website, but after some soul searching, we have opted to count the number of times Domestic Travel Advice is downloaded. Believe it or not, getting permission to release it required quite a bit of time and effort and we would like to know how popular the results are. To monitor the download count, we've opted to use the URL shortener. You can check the information Google stores by clicking here. If you genuinely have a problem clicking short links or with Google analytics, please use the e-mail address above to request a copy of the document instead.