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Safer Travel

BladeSec IA are delighted to make available the 2020 edition of Safer Travel (that was once called Domestic Travel Advice). It is with continuing thanks to our friends in the security and intelligence services that permits us to keep it up to date and relevant. With the 2020 edition, we are especially grateful to our friends in the professional security industry who made such a significant contribution, this is the first version of the guide that covers international travel.

Here be dragons!

Book Cover

(This is a link to a sample of the document that contains, the covers, the index, the first chapter, the chapter on terrorism and the last chapter only.)

Due to the nature of the text in Safer Travel we regret that we are no longer able to offer unrestricted downloads of the guide. Starting with the 2020 edition, you must request a copy by e-mailing with your name, company name (if applicable), address and contact number. A copy will be e-mailed back to you within a week or so. (It is our intention to batch process these, however if you have a particular travel deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to meet it.)

The document above is TLP: WHITE however we consider the copy that we send to a named individual to be TLP: AMBER. (Description of the Traffic Light Protocol here.) The recipient is prohibited from distributing the document in its entirety to a third party regardless of whether they are within their organisation or not. They are, however, permitted to derive information from specific portions of the document and distribute that by any means necessary. If this is more than about half a dozen points, we would encourage the intended recipient to obtain their own copy.

If you find the guide particularly helpful, we are inviting donations of £15-00 as it has not been a trivial piece of work to pull all this information together. Details of how to pay will be provided in the covering e-mail. Payment is not mandatory, but if you choose to pay, we will send you further updates to the annual edition as they become available. (So if you donate having obtained the 2020 Issue 1, we will send you any subsequent issues in the same year. We will probably send you the first edition of the following year, too). We will also make an additional donation of £1-00 to Wikipedia for every payment we receive.

It is a condition of the supply of Safer Travel that you do not share your copy nor try to remove the watermark that is present in the guide. You will note that the name and e-mail address of the recipient is embedded into the guide and we will only issue each copy of Safer Travel to that named individual. If a company wants a copy for all their staff, we would be happy to arrange it.

If you obtain a copy of Safer Travel that has no watermark, or has a watermark that contains somebody else's details, we would be grateful if you can let us know where you got it by e-mailing Needless to say, if we come across a personalised copy "in the wild", that individual will be prohibited from obtaining any further updates.

Please send feedback, comments and success stories to

Privacy notice: The information that you give us for this will be held securely in a locally held, encrypted database that only staff involved in Safer Travel have access to. It will only be used for the purposes of e-mailing you your copy of the guide, tracking whether you make a voluntary payment within one year and sending you additional copies of the guide if you do. All data will be deleted 1+1 year after the guide has been sent to you, or 7+1 years if you make the voluntary payment.