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Environment statement.

BladeSec IA are committed to monitoring and reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, and as a result, we have established a number of environmental objectives which are reviewed regularly:-
  • Green energy: Since the summer of 2017, all hot water and central heating consumed within the office has been generated by community biomass and since early 2018, all the electricity used has been generated entirely from renewable sources;
  • Efficiency: We aim to install energy efficient lighting and appliances where possible. Staff and associates are encouraged to turn down heaters, switch off lights and think twice before printing material;
  • Recycling: We are committed to re-using and recycling as much of our waste materials as possible. We go through a great deal of paper, which is securely shredded before recycling, but equally our demands for computing power are limited so we do extend the lifespan expectations of desktop and laptop computer equipment by adopting open source software wherever possible. The most environmentally friendly computer you have is the one you already have;
  • Transport: We encourage our staff and associates to use public transport whenever possible. We have adopted new ways of flexible working to counter the impact of commuting on the environment and encourage home-working; &
  • Countryside: BladeSec IA are predominantly a rural organisation, and as such champions issues with decentralising resources. These include a lack of mobile coverage, slow broadband, power cuts and staff isolation.
BladeSec IA stays abreast of, and complies with, all relevant environmental legislation. We have to. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is a long-term customer of ours!