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How to engage us.

If you want to speak to us about potentially working with you, there are a few options:-
  • Firstly, you can drop us an e-mail and we will put you in contact with an existing customer so that you can confirm if our way of working will work for you;
  • Secondly, you can drop us an e-mail and we will simply provide a short-form quote. It will contain a daily rate and an anticipated number of days. Expenses may or may not be included depending on your own preferences;
  • Third: You can drop us an e-mail and we will provide a complete proposal for you. It will cover a plan, our relevant experience, what assumptions we have made and what we will deliver. In some cases, it may contain a risk assessment and ethical stance depending on what the work covers. Expenses may or may not be included depending on your own preferences. Proposals are written by the individual responsible for delivering it, and so there can often be a delay because of this. Please advise of your required timescale. Needless to say, this type of proposal often requires extensive work, and so the day rate will include cost-recovery by default; or
  • You can go through a framework. We currently appear on the following:-
    • The Scottish Government's Digital Technology and Cyber Services Dynamic Purchasing System; &
    • Crown Commercial Service's Digital Marketplace Digital Outcomes framework.
In general, we do not believe that any of our engagements can be considered to be inside IR35, however it is the responsibility of the commissioning organisation to form their own opinion and notify us of their views. A change of circumstances is likely to render a previously supplied quote or proposal to be invalid.

Normal payment terms.

(These are all largely negotiable and we may waive them all for particularly interesting jobs.)
  • If we have incurred more than half a day of charges on your behalf, we will invoice you on the first working day of the following month.
  • This invoice will include the charges associated with the previous period, expenses (if agreed) and VAT.
  • Our normal terms are thirty days, but can be varied on an individual basis.