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Company Profile

Many in the security field will have heard Liam Maxwell, Deputy Government CIO, The Cabinet Office speak about ICT Futures. One of the topics that he spoke about was the need for any organisation to prove that they are a quality IA organisation. He cited it as, "...a quality IA organisation can only be a quality organisation if they deliver quality IA People, Products and Services".

  • Quality IA People: BladeSec IA Services invite you to review their Certifications & Qualifications and Specific Highlights. You can then be the judge by either asking for a professional CV and / or references from
  • Quality IA Products: BladeSec IA Services don't sell products because we know that every client has different requirements and objectives. There's a multitude of products out there and we can't hope to provide them all. Further, how can we be independent if there is any doubt that we're simply recommending a product because we sell it?
  • Quality IA Services: BladeSec IA Services have a set of core skills that we don't deviate from. You can review them at Typical Work. We don't provide any service that we don't fulfil in-house. If required, we can point you in the right direction.
  • Quality IA Organisation: We'd like to think that we meet Mr Maxwell's criteria....

Company Principles

In forming BladeSec IA Services, Ltd early in 2012, Owen identified a number of principles that he felt contributed to his previous success and that he wanted to maintain and highlight. These include:-
  • Communication: A spade is a spade and BladeSec IA Consultants are able to communicate with staff at all levels and of all abilities. We do not engage in consultant waffle. None of our consultants are paid by the word and unless every statement in a report can be justified, it will be reworded, or removed.
  • Cost effective: It goes without saying that by limiting overheads, genuine value can be passed back to the customer. We further view this as socially and ethically mandatory when engaging with the public sector. As a consequence, BladeSec IA are proud of their lower than industry standard daily rates. Further, we maintain that our customers should not be concerned at additional expenses incurred by our consultants over and above their daily rate. For that reason, our consultancy rates are usually “all-inclusive”.
  • Customer care: Customers are key to the continued success of the company, so BladeSec IA always go the extra mile to look after them. We are happy to do a few hours of timely, unpaid intervention work for our client; especially if this will save having to accommodate two weeks of rectification consultancy. Our approach to our clients is reflected in the amount of repeat business that we retain.
  • Definitive advice: In the modern IA world, there are rarely absolute answers. Everything has pros and cons. With local risk management currently being promoted within government, there is greater opportunity to implement a wider variety of solutions. Adopting these technologies without proper investigation and analysis can be dangerous. BladeSec IA Consultants use their experience, qualifications and knowledge to interpret the facts and present them in such a way that allows customers to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Professionalism: BladeSec IA invest extensively in staff training, education and development to clearly set the expectation to customers that our staff are the best. We, further, expect our consultants to show exemplary judgement, conduct and ethics in their personal lives too on the basis that as a consultant, your personal and professional lives are intrinsically linked. To this end, we work with our consultants to help them set their own development objectives and allocate time for them to meet these.
  • Technical ability: Government consultancy is moving away from being able to regurgitate and implement hard policy. Instead, it demands a far more in-depth, pragmatic, understanding of technology, weaknesses and risk. BladeSec IA understands that technical specialisms exist within information assurance and that there are variable levels of ability within that. We will always seek to place the best consultant we can, based on customer requirements.
  • Unbiased, independent advice: BladeSec IA do not sell any products. We stubbornly stick to our core consultancy services. Our view is that recommending a product from a limited, consultancy portfolio is, at best, simply ironic and at worst, not in our clients’ interests. Where we do recommend products, it is based on our real-life experience of a deployment, rather than the mark-up we receive from recommending it or any shiny sales literature.
These are here to show the principles of how BladeSec is governed. They are not taken lightly within the organisation, and it’s one of the reasons that BladeSec uses It's another reason why we would like to think that we're a "quality IA organisation".

About Owen

Director, Owen Birnie has worked in some form of information security for over twenty years. In that time, he has worked at all levels. This has included:-
  • Validating the authorisation for staff to access a finance system within a major international telecommunications firm;
  • Defending a college administration network against the malicious attentions of students;
  • The only Solaris System Administrator at an Internet start up;
  • The Security Manager within a major telecommunications firm. Owen was soon promoted to have European responsibilities across four data centres and management responsibility for 15 staff across two timezones;
  • The inaugural Information Security Manager in a Public Sector organisation; &
  • A former Principal CLAS Consultant.
Owen joined his previous employer in January 2006. By 2010, he had delivered almost an eight fold increase of CLAS Consultancy over 2004 rates. Year-on-year, he undertook more consultancy than any other Business Consultant. Indeed, he was able to rival colleagues from the technical and forensics side of the organisation.