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Latest news and comment.

Comment: 2019/04/15 - Notre-Dame de Paris.
Avant de connaître Paris, je connaissais Notre-Dame. Je me souviens d'avoir regardé une très ancienne version de "Le Bossu de Notre-Dame" avec mon père. C'était un dimanche après-midi pluvieux à Stornoway.

Même enfant, j'étais surpris par l'ampleur et la beauté de "la vieille dame de Paris". Je ne suis pas religieux, mais les images du feu m'attristent. Je ne connaissais que légèrement Notre-Dame et je ne peux pas imaginer ce que signifie le feu pour les gens qui y vivent et y travaillent.

Comment: 2019/04/11 - Julian Assange removed from Ecuadorian Embassy.
Mr. Assange is a polarising character and we're not going to go into the intricacies of that. There cannot be a single individual involved in government or criminal justice who won't be interested in what's to come.

Comment: 2019/03/16 - New Zealand terrorist attack.
To our friends in New Zealand... we are not afraid....

Comment: 2019/01/14 - Credit Reference Agencies.
I have to confess that they bother me. They hold data on you, largely collected without your permission, and are under no obligation to keep that data accurate and up-to-date.

No doubt they would argue to the contrary, but my own circumstances to not align to that. Also the fact that they then charge people to monitor the accuracy of their own data by selling "identity theft protection", is not lost on me.

I had to laugh. I had clearly booked a Starwood Hotel many, many years ago. They told me that they'd lost a big chunk of fairly important data and were still able to e-mail to tell me this. I reckon that I've had about two dozen credit and debit cards in the time since I made that booking. Some will have been new, and some will be reissues.

However, those nice people at Marriott have paid for some form of identity theft protection for a year, so I clicked the button to sign up. And then I realised that they were going to take the data I gave them to confirm my identity and ship it outside the EU. I mean, really? I appreciate that it doesn't make something bad, but it does erode your confidence in something you have no confidence in anyway.

News: 2019/01/11 - Network failure - Resolved.
Everything's back up and working normally and first impressions are that it does appear that nobody noticed our outage at all. Wish we could say the same for the two that were were working in the shed. Their desire for rock had to be fulfilled by MP3s rather than Planet Rock.

News: 2019/01/10 - Network failure.
The DSL here in the Security Cart Shed has gone down and we're currently operating on backup connectivity. Everything appears to be working well, but we're monitoring the situation. No ETA for a fix as yet.

Comment: 2019/01/01 - Happy New Year!
I confess that I was away when the clock ticked over into 2019, so I'm writing this slightly late. Whilst this marks the point that BladeSec IA would celebrate it's seventh anniversary, this year will be different.

I'm honoured and humbled to be on the Isle of Lewis, sharing it with the 100TH anniversary of the Iolaire Disaster. For that reason, we're not going to take our usual tongue-in-cheek look back at the year.

Some things are more important.

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